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Freedom for Mayors of Melitopol and Dniproroudne

We, the Mayors of Paris, Florence, Warsaw, in the name of Eurocities and the pact of Free Cities condemn in the strongest possible terms the arbitrary detention and abduction of our colleague, Ivan Fyodorov, Mayor of Melitopol, by Russian military forces on March 11th 2022 in Victory Square, Melitopol, Ukraine and of the Mayor of Dniproroudne on March 13th 2022.
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  • Franck CHAUMONT
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  • Anne HIDALGO

We demand that Russian forces release them without delay.

We take this opportunity to express our full support and solidarity with Ukrainian Mayors, who are in the frontline to protect their citizens against the Russian military aggre

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communiqué de presse
13 mars 2022

Freedom for Mayors of Melitopol and Dniproroudne